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The Age of Big Data

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Big Data: It’s Just Useless Information Unless You Put it to Work

Big Data: It’s Just Useless Information Unless You Put it to Work

by  Derek Irvine on Feb 13, 2013, 8:10 AM  

Big data” is the latest buzz word entering HR lexicon.I’ve used it myself to explain how the “big data” now possible through strategic, social recognition can be used to better inform talent and performance management and help in proactive management of your company culture. (See my article in Talent Management magazine for more.)But “big data” will remain nothing more than a buzz word until we fully understand what the data enables us to do. I’m excited about David Brooks’ promised analysis of the “data revolution” throughout 2013. As he explained recently in The New York Times:Over the next year, I’m hoping to get a better grip on some of the questions raised by the data revolution: In what situations should we rely on intuitive pattern recognition and in which situations should we ignore intuition and follow the data? What kinds of events are predictable using statistical analysis and what sorts of events are not?…But at the outset let me celebrate two things data does really well… First, it’s really good at exposing when our intuitive view of reality is wrong… Second, data can illuminate patterns of behavior we haven’t yet noticed…In sum, the data revolution is giving us wonderful ways to understand the present and the past. Will it transform our ability to predict and make decisions about the future? We’ll see.”Translating that to the world of people management, data can transform how we view individuals, their capabilities and their work by giving us more information to correct flawed or incomplete perceptions and, as Brooks said, “illuminate patterns of behavior we haven’t yet noticed.” This is particularly powerful in terms of employee behaviors related to what we say is most important to our organizations – our core values.

Data, unapplied, is useless

In a recent blog post, Steve Boese further emphasized the importance of putting your data to work. It doesn’t matter how well you organize and present your data if you’re not using it to ask the right questions and solve the right problems. (Steve is pointing back to this article on SAP’s use of analytics.)The goal of these analytics and Big Data projects, as the SAP article makes plain, is not just the ability to organize, describe, extract, and present workforce data (which in truth are necessary and important steps), but to leverage that data, to have the data lead to the asking of the right questions, to illuminate a path towards answering these questions, and to help the organization understand and relate the story that their human capital data wants to tell.”What data are you collecting on your people management processes? How are you using that data to ask the deeper questions? What problems are you solving with that data?You can find more from Derek Irvine on his Recognize This! blog.Derek Irvine is Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting Service at Globoforce, a global provider of strategic employee recognition and reward programs. In his role as a thought leader for employee recognition at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global, strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such organizations as Avnet, Celestica, Dow Chemical, Intuit, KPMG, Logica, P&G, Symantec, and Thompson Reuters. Contact him at irvine@globoforce.com.

百度The BIG Talk:大数据开启大未来

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8月31日,百度 The BIG Talk 第三期《大数据开启大未来》在北京举行。BIG的含义为Business, Internet, The next Generation。百度The BIG Talk自2014年6月起举办,该演讲与论坛的总主题是向公众传导"技术改变世界"的理念,并且营造关注创新,鼓励创造的氛围。

在本期论坛中,来自美国麻省理工学院的世界经济论坛大数据发展报告与个人数据报告的共同发起人阿莱克斯·彭特兰(Alex Pentland)作了关于可穿戴设备和大数据应用的精彩演讲,演讲过程中,观众通过微信平台积极提问,表现出对大数据时代的浓厚兴趣。









The BIG Talk:大数据时代的安全和隐私







让个人控制数据,让他们与朋友进行匿名的 安全的数据分享


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