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Old people got two saying. One is that when you do good,Stitched Jerseys, you does hold wood; de other one is when you do you does see Gawd.One constable wha did a fine job de other day finally understand de first saying. He holding a piece of wood bigger than Jettoo Sawmill.He is de cop who see people trailing him from de airport and wid his alertness and his thinking cap on,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, he set up de capture of two of de gang members that was robbing people from de airport.Dem boys believe that cops like that should be given instant promotion. He ain’t only tek bandits off de streets,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, he tek two guns too.See-all got to be blind not to notice this and mek sure that this guy get an instant promotion.Dem boys know that See-all new boss got a li’l problem wid he eye,Cheap China Jerseys, so dem gun forgive him for not seeing too well but dem can’t forgive See-all fuh not seeing that.Another set of cops also holding wood from Toolsie Lumber yard. Dem cops arrest three brothers and looking fuh a fourth fuh carjackings.  Dem also arrest one of de brother wife. That is five from one house.Dem boys seh that family got to be related to ex President Bharrat Jagdeo and Winston Brassington.Dem seh when a whole family can thief like that dem got to born wid certain qualities. Jagdeo and Brassington born wid dem qualities.People want to know wha de parents of dem four brothers was thinking when dem was mekking dem. Dem was either thinking about nuff,Wholesale Jerseys, nuff money,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Brassington or Jagdeo.Is not See-all not seeing. Dem got a new kid on de block name Leonard Shadick. He not seeing too,Cheap NFL Jerseys, because election gun come again and nothing will be done to legalise and give de righted people radio licence.And this is one of de promise Soulja Bai from APNU and Rum Jattan from Hay Heff See mek to regularize it right away.It look like if he Leonard Shadick move in wid Bibi Shadick because that is how she use to operate. It look like dem cooking and eating from one pot and doing nutten else whole day.Talk half wait to see when Leonard Shadick gone act on dem illegally issued radio licence.


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Guyana President Bharat Jagdeo paid a visit to the US Navy ship USS Iwo Jima here in Guyana as part of the programme named Continuing Promise.On board,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the President met with the Continuing Promise 2010 (CP10) team members and Guyanese patients onboard the large deck, multi-purpose amphibious ship,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, which is currently anchored off the coast of New Amsterdam, Guyana.President Jagdeo was accompanied on the visit by the U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Thomas Pierce; Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh; Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud; and Minister of Public Service,NFL Jerseys Clearance, Dr. Jennifer Westford.“Thank you for the work you have done here. It is a partnership and we are thrilled that you are here to work with the government and the people of Guyana,” Jagdeo said.The Guyanese leader toured the ship’s bridge, well deck, and hangar bay and learned about the ship’s aviation, amphibious and littoral crafts available onboard to support the CP10 mission.During their tour of the medical facilities, the President and the Ministers met Guyanese patients who were recovering from recent low-risk,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, high-impact surgeries.In Guyana, 40 patients received surgeries onboard the USS Iwo Jima free of cost while another 12 surgeries were performed on shore.Captain Thomas Negus, USN Commodore of the ship said,Wholesale Jerseys From China, “Thank you for the opportunity and for taking the time to join us here today. Actions speak louder than words and your actions here today speak very loudly. We have been very blessed here in Guyana, thank you.”The President also met with three of four U.S.-based Guyanese service members presently supporting CP10, Marine Cpl. John Eversley,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, Petty Officer third class Daniel Singh, and Army Capt. Devika Sahedeo. Absent was Navy First Class Petty Officer Kurt Powdar.On October 22, last, the service members were reunited with their Guyanese relatives at the Central Corentyne Secondary School Bush Lot, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana.CP10 is a Humanitarian Civic Assistance (HCA) mission providing medical, dental, veterinary, engineering and community relations support services within the U.S. Southern Command’s area of responsibility.CP10 departed Norfolk, Va., on July 12, 2010,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale, and by the end of its mission in mid-November, the CP10 crew onboard USS Iwo Jima will have supported eight host nations in four months.Those host nations include: Haiti; Colombia; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Panama; Guyana, and Suriname.


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Having completed an intense five-day training programme aimed at helping them to master skills in emergency medicine care, 25 health workers were certified on Friday as Trainer of trainers. Sixteen of the participants were drawn from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), while the others were from private hospitals in the city including: the Dr Balwant Singh Hospital, the Davis Memorial Hospital, the St Joseph Mercy Hospital and the Guyana Red Cross Society.The certified health personnel in the company of the facilitatorsThe Emergency Medical Technicians training course, which was venued at Project Dawn, Lilendaal, East Coast Demerara, was facilitated by instructors recruited by the Paul Gallagher founded Global Emergency Medicine Initiative (GEMINI), a branch of Rotary International, which has as its mission to improve the quality of emergency medicine in developing countries.The training programme is being touted as a measure to help to radically improve the service delivered by first responders, particularly those tasked with providing care in the ambulance.Through the collaborative effort of the Rotary Club of Georgetown,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, GEMINI, the Ministry of Health and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, the project, which was in the making some four years ago,NFL Jerseys From China, was kicked into motion on Monday.The teaching process was characterized by a 40-hour plus training session,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which lasted for eight hours a day, entailing both hands-on practical and theoretical assessments. In addition, sessions included assessing the teaching capabilities of the participants, Timothy Redding, an instructor, said.The participants were exposed to training in the areas of splinting, bandaging, bagging, suctioning, use of EMT equipment, how to approach and transport patients and the application of First Aid/CPR.“They were all,Wholesale Jerseys, with the exception of one, given textbooks ahead of time, they were given PowerPoint lectures with numerous links to educational sites on emergency medical responder in preparation ahead of the training.”And according to Redding, all of the participants successfully completed the training session, having displayed intuitiveness and immense understanding throughout.The project was the brainchild of Rotarian and member of GEMINI,China NBA Jerseys, Dr Ovid Fraser, a Guyanese by birth, who pointed out that it was designed with the view of educating staff on pre-hospital care and the value of training. Dr Fraser was tasked with undertaking the preliminary research which served to determine to what extent training was required. He revealed that attempts to set the project in motion started about four years ago when GEMINI had visited here to explore the possibility of providing a programme in emergency medicine.“We interviewed numerous people and the Rotary Clubs and (some) in the medical profession,cheap nfl jerseys, with the idea being for the Guyanese people to tell us what their needs were, and we would see if we had the expertise to assist.”It was on this basis and with the guidance from the Ministry of Health, a programme was fashioned for Guyana with specific need for technicians who are tasked with accompanying patients as they are transported to the hospital by ambulance. However in recognition of the fact that a one-off training would not be adequate enough to address the existing challenge, a decision was made to organize a Trainer of trainers programme.“We thought that what we needed to do was to train a group of people who could be the teachers of Emergency Medicine Technology (EMT) and train the ambulance staff on a permanent basis so in that way we would leave a knowledge base in Guyana.”Although completing the programme means that they are now qualified to train others,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the participants will still be subjected to a period of assessment which will continue in a matter of months when the overseas-based facilitating team returns to monitor their teaching capabilities.Friday’s certification ceremony saw the attendance of hospital officials including Matron of the GPHC, Sister Audrey Corry, who revealed that the project comes at an opportune time and will serve to greatly enhance the ambulatory service.


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Old people got a saying; “Man does appoint but God does disappoint. Soulja Bai seh that he gun live a simple life. In fact,World Cup Jerseys 2018, he announce big and bold that he ain’t want no big salary and all he want is a simple pension.That is a good thing because he know that he will not be like some people who even when dem lef office dem gun live off de people. Dem gun tek more money that dem paying more than 100 old people as pension every month.Anyhow,Cheap NHL Jerseys, people want he go and live in State House but he seh that he is a simple person and he happy wheh he live. Well yesterday morning he get up and he cuss. He see he security people standing pun some drinks box. One man did climb pun a shed.And Soulja Bai? He did sleep through all de rain but is when he get up and step from he bed into a pool of water that he realize that he can’t live in a simple place.When he foot hit de cold water he holler so hard that he shock he security. One of dem fall off de drink box. De truth is that Soulja Bai get flood out.All he shoes get wet. He had to go to church in slippers. Dem boys wondering wha he gun wear to wuk fuh swear in Basil.Of course,Adidas Nmd r1 Women, some people rush to clear de drains which was clear anyway. Dem now planning to grade down Mandela Avenue because it more high that Soulja Bai yard and water always running off de road.Some people from Lodge go to he house fuh move he out but he tell dem that he is a simple man and no water gun chase he from wheh he live. That is why dem boys love de man. Up to last night he was sunning out he shoes.Why he don’t go to State House? He claim that Jagdeo use to sleep deh and he refuse sleep in de same room wid Jagdeo.Donald didn’t have a problem wid that and he lost de elections.Talk half and line up fuh help Soulja Bai bail out water from he house.