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– shot at least seven times(By Latoya Giles and Mondale Smith)The sound of gunshots shattered the silence of Alberttown, around nine o’clock last night,Nike NFL Jerseys Autographed, and by the time the smoke cleared at the corner of Sixth and Light Streets, one man lay mortally wounded, with at least seven bullet wounds about the body.Shot execution-style while he sat in his car is Nicholas Hoyte called “Zaiah” age 29,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, of lot 54 Fifth Street,Brian Poole Falcons Jersey UK, Alberttown. Hoyte was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The youngest brother of five siblings had minutes earlier been sharing conversation with relatives, and then he left home for an unknown destination. As his relatives sat in the comfort of their home they heard a volley of gunshots. When they ran to the location, what they witnessed proved too much for some to bear.An eyewitness recalled seeing Hoyte sitting in his car parked outside a shop when a white Toyota Carina AT 192 drove up alongside the car. He saw three men in that vehicle and then shots rang out before the car sped off.Hoyte was shot at least seven times about his upper body while there were two bullet holes in the right side of his car.One of the man’s friends said he was in conversation with Hoyte about ten minutes before the shooting. “He buy a Guinness for me and then he say he going by the shop and come back, then lil after I hear a set of shots and when I go I see the man get shot up boy.”  After the shooting,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, the man’s friend transported him to the hospital.As word spread of the shooting,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, scores of relatives and friends rushed to the hospital and as they confirmed that Hoyte was dead their screams pierced the normally quiet environs of the compound. While some were easygoing,Cheap Shoes Outlet, the majority rushed past the security officials at the Accident and Emergency unit to view the body.   As they invaded, medical staffers retreated for their safety as emotions ran high. Some simply cried in disbelief while others vowed to seek revenge at all cost.“Look what they do me cousin,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, ow why, why, why they kill he?” one woman cried. He was a father of three and when his relatives were quizzed they said they could not see the reason for the killing. One relative was adamant that “He ain’t had no story with no body.”


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Repairs have commenced on the defective multi-million-dollar Supenaam Stelling,Cheap Jerseys From China, in Region Two, with authorities stating that test runs could be conducted this month as scheduled.Officials yesterday said that once those tests are successful,Nike Shoes Clearance Outlet, the facility will be opened in phases to traffic.It was disclosed that the metal strips that joined the ramp to the concrete driveway have been replaced. These strips had been badly damaged after a support beam for the drawbridge collapsed days after the structure was opened to traffic last year.Last month, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Robeson Benn, also stated that a concrete support beam will have to be repaired and a new pontoon built.In the initial phase,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic, vehicles using the stelling will be limited to a maximum of 22 tonnes to ensure that the structure is functioning according to requirements.Engineers had hoped to put the stelling in use by February 11, but discovered a suspect beam which they determined could develop into a serious fault.Government had allocated more than $50M for the repairs.Last May, the stelling ramp buckled under the weight of a heavy vehicle, days after it was opened to ferry traffic. Ferries were forced to use the Adventure Stelling which government had hoped to abandon.Following the collapse of the ramp which effectively closed the stelling, President Bharrat Jagdeo had ordered a report on the incident tasking Prime Minister Samuel Hinds to oversee it.Two private engineers were hired to investigate the incident.There had been meetings with several of the parties involved in the construction of the stelling, including the contractors, BK International; the Ministry of Local Government, which was the executing agency; the Ministry of Public Works; the supervisors, Vikab Engineering and the designers,China Jerseys, SNC Lavelin.Key to those meetings was which parties would have been footing the bill to fix the defects and subsequent damage to the facility. However, the report has not been released nor has blame been apportioned, at least publicly.In January 2010, the stelling was handed over to the Ministry of Public Works which claimed that it had raised concerns over some problems that were evident.Just four days after it was opened to traffic, the stelling was forced to close operations after its ramp buckled under the weight of a truck.The contractor,Kelly Olynyk Jersey, BK International,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, distancing itself from the incident,NFL Jerseys China, took media houses on an inspection shortly after and stated that modifications on the ramp by the Ministry of Public Works had caused the problems.Late in April, an extra pontoon being installed by the Ministry sank while work was being done to attach it to the ramp.BK International, during the tour, had claimed that the modifications, including the extra pontoon and the drawbridge, were not needed, since tests had found that the one existing pontoon could have taken the weight.The officials believed that the modifications compromised the structural integrity of the stelling.


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By Gary EleazarThe National Assembly last evening made a historic move when it unanimously approved the removal of the mandatory use of the death penalty for persons convicted of murder.This was done when Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Charles Ramson, successfully piloted the Criminal Law Offences (Amendment) Bill.In his presentation to the House, Ramson said that at present the principal act does not allow leeway for judges, in that once a jury convicts a person of murder,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, then the Judge must notify the convicted that they will be sentenced to death lawfully.He said that over the years there has been an outcry as it relates to the death penalty and the amendments now allow for alternatives to be in place for the judge.The abolition is not total since it will still be mandatory for certain categories of murder.He explained these as being the killing of a law enforcement official while on duty, prison officers, members of the judiciary and legal officers, witnesses,Diego Maradona Jersey, as well as jurors, while in the execution of their duties.Ramson pointed to the fact that ever since the 1950s the country’s colonial masters, by way of the Homicide Act,Andre Branch Dolphins Jersey, abandoned the mandatory death sentence in their country but left it in place for their colonies.He said that what was not good for them was still deemed okay for their colonies.Ramson asserted that the issue has now become a moral and human rights issue, and in recent times, the calls have been growing for it to be addressed.The amendments allow for a judge to issue a life sentence of or a minimum of 15 years or any amount above that.Shadow Legal Affairs Minister Clarissa Riehl, in her presentation to the House, recognized the need for certain categories of murders to be retained, but said too that one specific category that should have been retained also was murders as a result of domestic violence.Riehl lamented the many murders in recent times which have occurred as a result of prolonged domestic violence which is a scourge that has been tainting society.Scores of women have been slaughtered in recent years at the hands of their abusive lovers and according to Riehl, it should have been left in the law to have such persons face the mandatory death penalty.She was also of the opinion that murders as a result of piracy and hijacking should also be subjected to the death penalty.Riehl reminded the House that it was only recently that the laws were amended to make killings at the hands of pirates punishable by death. Now, she said, the government is changing this.At present, a person will be eligible for parole after serving at least a third of their sentence, but with the new amendments,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Riehl pointed out that a person must now serve 20 years before becoming eligible.She sought to clarify whether it was calendar years or prison years, which she said is in actuality just eight months.Riehl questioned whether the allowed 15-year minimum sentence for murder would also be prisons years, which would make the sentence far less than 15 calendar years.She asked if it would now be possible for a person to kill during a domestic spat and be sentenced to just 15 years.Riehl said that the administration should start paying more attention to the root causes of crime in Guyana, as many laws are being passed with stiffer penalties but the desired result is not being achieved.One example cited was the fact that there is the law that a person should not be using cellular phones whilst driving, but this is still happening blatantly, even in front of police stations.People’s Progressive Party/Civic Member of Parliament and Attorney-at-Law,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Anil Nandlall, in his presentation to the house,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, sought to explain the context in which the law was being passed.He pointed out that the law was passed 117 years ago,cheap nfl jerseys, and provides for the mandatory sentence of death should that persons be convicted of murder.“What this does is it retains the death penalty but also provides an alternative.”Nandlall told the House that it must be noted that when one interacts with people, their reactions to certain violent crimes is invariably why the death penalty is not being used.He said that it must also be noted that there are several large human rights organizations and conventions, many of which Guyana have signed on to, which are calling for the abolition of the death penalty, and no democracy can ignore these calls.He said that what the amendments does is provide a delicate balance, adding that Government’s obligation is to use the law as a mechanism to find common ground and bridge the gap.Nandlall did impress upon the House that there is something fundamentally wrong with a mandatory death penalty across the board.


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