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Whether it’s the tantalizing scent of pepperpot engulfing the home and even the neighbourhood, or that mouth-watering garlic pork begging to be sampled again and again, among the many savoury dishes that must be had during this time of year is that luscious black cake.Although black cake has over the years made its mark as a signature dish,Cheap NFL Jerseys, featuring at weddings, topped with delicious icing, there is no denying that it is a requirement for most when the Christmas season rolls around.  And as we all know, this highly anticipated period comes but once a year, so much effort and the right ingredients must be included to ensure that your home is ranked the place to be for the best tasting black cake.While some are willing to settle for a pre-ordered cake from one of the fast food outlets, there are those who would prefer to toil in their own hot, congested kitchen in order to personally ensure that nothing but the best emerges from a sizzling oven.  But while the final product may vary in terms of texture, taste and appearance, mainly because of an individual’s liking, there are some common elements that are expected when it comes to the creation of this tasty masterpiece.From time immemorial it was butter that was recommended to help with the texture but with the affordability of margarine, the latter has become the preferred softening agent for the black cake.  Sugar understandably cannot be omitted. Rather than settling for the browning sauce that is available in supermarkets today, in the past it was the sugar that was burnt to a darkened state that helped to capture the blackened colour needed for the black cake.Vanilla, all-purpose flour, baking powder, cinnamon, spices, salt, eggs, dark rum,China NBA Jerseys, cherry, mixed nuts, chopped prunes, raisins, orange and lemon peel and/or lime zest freshly grated are all exquisite ingredients that help to give that ever flavourful punch that the taste buds expect from this dish.With all of the preferred ingredients in hand the next important element is an oven with the capacity to be preheated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.  The actual preparation of the cake entails mixing together in a bowl, butter,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, sugar, vanilla and browning sauce until the mixture becomes soft and creamy.  In a separate bowl,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the dry ingredients can be mixed together while a third bowl can be used to beat the eggs together with the rum.The next stage would see the egg mixture being added to the butter mixture and the two being thoroughly combined before the orange and lemon peel and/or lime zest, fruits and nuts are stirred in.  Flour mixture is then slowly added but care should be taken to ensure that it is not overbeat.Once the batter reaches to a level that is acceptable,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, it should be placed in an already prepared pan and baked in a preheated oven for approximately 90 minutes or until the cake is tested and confirmed to be done.Whether you choose to share some with those who visit your home or wrap pieces and share with relatives and friends,Cheap Jeseys NFL, your black cake is likely to leave a lasting impression on the taste buds of those you choose to allow to indulge.However, if you neglected to prepare black cake for today, then there is still time for you to prepare some for early in the New Year.Recipe for Black CakeIngredients– ¼ lb cherries–  1 lb local dried fruits (or raisins)–  1 cup rum– 1½ lbs. brown sugar– ½ teaspoon baking powder– 1 teaspoon cinnamon– ½ lb flour– 12 eggs– ¼ lb orange or lemon peel– ½ lb butterPreparation– Grind dried fruits and soak it in three cups of rum. Store in an air tight container for three weeks.– Prepare the caramel by heating the sugar until it turns dark brown.– Cream the butter and sugar. Add the eggs,China Jerseys, soaked fruits, and rum. When it is well blended, pour the caramel.– Add the flour with the baking powder and mixed spice.– Fold in the cherries.– Pour mixture in a baking pan and bake in a slow oven (about 300 degrees Fahrenheit) for two hours. Remove cake from pan after two days.


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In its quest to ensure that only hospitals with the capacity to properly screen blood are allowed to receive blood donations, the Ministry of Health will this week be inspecting all private hospitals.According to Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy, several inspectors will be dispatched to the health facilities in order to determine whether they can test for a number of blood-related diseases, including Chagas.Chagas is a tropical parasitic disease which is commonly transmitted to humans and other mammals by an insect vector. The disease may also be spread through blood transfusion and organ transplantation, ingestion of food contaminated with parasites, and from a mother to her foetus.The symptoms of the Chagas disease vary over the course of an infection. In the early acute stage, symptoms are mild and usually produce no more than local swelling at the site of infection.As the disease progresses, over the course of many years,Authentic Jerseys From China, serious chronic symptoms can appear, such as heart disease and malformation of the intestines. If untreated, the chronic disease is often fatal.In addition to Chagas, the inspectors will be tasked with determining the hospitals’ ability to test for HTLV, which causes leukemia and Hepatitis C.And should the health facilities not be able to carry out such tests, Minister Ramsammy noted that they will be forbidden from carrying out any test or blood screening. They will not be able to receive donated blood for the purpose of transmission.The Minister added that the onus is still on individuals to determine whether they will give blood to private hospitals without first knowing that their blood will be properly tested.“They might be giving blood to save the life of a family member,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, but at the same time they might be giving them a disease that the patient does not have,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, like Hepatitis C, HTLV or Chagas,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys,” the Minister opined.In the past,mlb jerseys china, screening for Chagas was not mandatory locally,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, according to the Minister,China Jerseys Cheap, even as he disclosed that since the test has been introduced about five persons have been diagnosed with the disease.The Minister said that his Ministry is earnestly working towards alerting doctors of private institutions of the importance of screening blood to detect certain diseases.


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The need for standards as it relates to the delivery of health care is especially crucial even as efforts are made to promote competition in this regard. This notion was recently emphasised by President Bharrat Jagdeo when he addressed the opening of the Eighth Caribbean College of Surgeons Conference recently.According to the President one of the tasks of the College is to look at standards,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, a factor which is becoming increasingly important as efforts are made to bring the Caribbean together.“In many other areas we have had to do this. The whole issue of standards such as sanitary standards for trade in goods and services, and goods particularly,nhl jerseys outlet, has become a stumbling block to the increase in intra-regional trade so standards are very important in terms of the quality of services delivered to our people.”And it becomes more important, the President noted because there are a number of health care providers including surgeons who will seek to come and work in “our jurisdiction from outside of the Region who will be competing with the surgeons here because they can do so at a lower cost.”The President further speculated that at the moment there are a number of doctors working in the United States who may be planning to come back home to become involved in business type operations.And there are several groups, he added, out of India and other places,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, looking at Guyana and maybe some other Caribbean countries to set up operations so that they can enter the market and probably enter the market at rates that are significantly lower than prevailing rates and thereby will be able to get more business.In addition, he noted that the opening of Guyana to Brazil through the daily bus service,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, a large catchment area in Northern Brazil could be targeted.“So clearly you would have to probably discuss these challenges and see how they would reflect on the region so that we ensure that through this all who those who ever comes here,Cheap Jerseys China, because we are an open region and we want to promote competition; wherever the competition comes from, that the consuming public get good quality care and that standards are set for this.”“I thought I’d share some of these things from a policy maker’s perspective as some of the things that we see as challenges in the future. Things that will become over time your challenges too…It is not just about setting standards but that a quality care is delivered to people and that it stands so in a conducive environment. I see this as a corroborative task…” the Head of State noted.At the moment President of the Eight Conference, Professor Vijay Naraynsingh, said that the College is working aggressively towards increasing cooperation between the various territories.“We have some 17 territories, at least 14 of them will have a population of below half a million, relatively small territories and the smaller they are the lesser the level of specialisation that can be sustained.”It is for this reason,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, he said, that conferences and workshops are held in order to bring all Caribbean practitioners closer together. In fact he noted that people do sent patients from one territory to another for specialised investigation and specialised treatment.“So the college does have a role in that but it is more an indirect role because it is a referral often from person to persons. There is not yet an established government to government arrangement except in some special areas.”The Caribbean College by the very presence of the members who practice around the Caribbean seeks to influence young doctors and others in training,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, according to Dr Errol Walrond, Chairman of the Caribbean Accreditation of Associations of Medical and Health Professionals. He recounted that the University of the West Indies some 40 years ago had taken the initiative to start a post graduate training for surgeons which was stimulated by two main reasons that is because young doctors had to leave the Region to be trained and often found the greener pastures abroad more friendly.In addition it was recognised that the training overseas was not entirely suited to the needs of the Caribbean.“Not that it was not advanced but it could not serve both the advance needs and the needs of our communities which may have constrained circumstances…We felt that we needed to forge a path that not only reach the standard of the metropolitan countries but those surgeons would be able to serve our countries in their constrained circumstances.”


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Why DNA Testing is Required?By Attorney Gail SeeramIn many cases, the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may ask a petitioner to submit a DNA test proving the parental or brother/sister relationship with the beneficiary. Some people are taken back by this request since they feel that the birth certificate is sufficient in proving the relationship.The first reason why a DNA test may be requested is because the U.S. Department of State at one time had a fraud warning posted on Guyana birth certificates. The reason for the fraud warning was because it was believed that people could obtain a fraudulent birth certificate from the blackmarket in Guyana. Thereby,Cheap Jerseys Store, if the birth certificate presented displays any characteristics of fraud,China Jerseys Wholesale, then a DNA test will be required between the petitioner and beneficiary.Next, a DNA test may be required when a parent is filing for a child and that child was born out-of-wedlock, meaning the parents were not married. In particular, when a father is filing for a child and the father never married the child’s mother, then a DNA test may be required. In these situations, the U.S. Immigration may request a DNA test to confirm this is the biological father filing the petition and not someone who claims to be the father.In addition, evidence to prove that the father legitimize the child would also be required to prove the parent-child relationship (such as proof of financial support and proof father held child out to be his).Lastly,Cheap Jerseys From China, a DNA test may be required in sibling relationships where brothers or sisters have only one similar parent (in other words, step-brother/step-sister relationships). In these cases, a DNA test is requested and the percentage of likelihood is examined in order to prove the relationship.What is DNA?DNA is the carrier of the genetic material that determines who you are (genetically). Your genetic makeup (who you are genetically which controls things like eye colour, hair colour,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, bone structure,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, organ size,Cheap Jerseys From China, etc.) is controlled by the paring of the chromosomes contained from the female’s egg (23 chromosomes from her) and the chromosomes from the male’s sperm (23 from him). Each of the 46 total chromosomes is made up of long threads of a very specific type of molecule called DNA,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, or deoxyrivonucleic acid. Each molecule of DNA is made up of thousands of genes, which determine your “genetic makeup”.The DNA test is not intrusive, as the lab simply takes a quick swipe or sample of the saliva in your mouth (there are no needles or blood involved).  There are many labs that work internationally and coordinate DNA testing between petitioners in the U.S. and beneficiaries living abroad. U.S. Immigration accepts DNA testing from labs accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks.A list of accredited labs can be obtained from the following website: http://www.aabb.org/SA/FACILITIES/Pages/RTestAccrFac.aspx


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On December 15, 1997, the electorate turned out in large numbers to exercise its franchise. In what international observers described as a transparent process, 55 percent of the electorate voted for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic giving that Party another five-year mandate to build Guyana socially and economically.The PPP/C victory pivoted presidential candidate, Janet Jagan, to the highest office of the land, thus making her the first woman Executive President in the country.This achievement was by no means isolated, but was the most significant of many others that have characterized her political life. Of all the women that have graced the political scene in Guyana, Jagan has undoubtedly been the most controversial of the lot.Cheddi Jagan Jr and his wife at GPHC yesterday morningA Jewish native of Chicago, Illinois, USA, Mrs. Jagan was born on October 20, 1920 as Janet Rosenberg. On August 5 1943, at the age of 23, she married the late President of Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Cheddi Jagan, a native of British Guiana who was studying Dentistry and Economics in the USA at that time.Both Janet and Cheddi had one thing in common—they were both fiercely committed to Marxist politics, and soon, to each other.In those days, with racism being a prominent feature in Chicago, her family immediately rejected Cheddi under the pretext that he was a foreigner and a non-Jewish one at that. In what was to be characteristic, Janet pointedly went against her family’s wishes and planned her wedding.Susan Wasserman, a cousin of Janet and Associated Director of the CUNY Graduate Centre for New York history sets out an odyssey to flesh out the cousin she knows only through weathered photos and family gossip. The product of her research is a 30-minute documentary, aptly dubbed, “Thunder in Guyana.”This documentary is available at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre, Main Street, Georgetown and depicts the tumultuous experiences of Janet as she defied her father’s wishes to become married to Cheddi. Wasserman narrated that Janet’s decision so infuriated her father that he attempted to shoot Cheddi. Instead of deterring Janet, her father’s actions only served to strengthen her resolve and one year later, she boarded a seaplane for British Guiana to join her husband.From the dusty streets and stench of racism in Chicago,Cheap Jerseys From China, to the British Guiana colony, Janet discovered a similar situation. Only this time,Cheap Football Jerseys, instead of the raging racial conflicts between Whites, Blacks and Jews,Cheap Jerseys Online, she encountered a situation where former indentured slaves and East Indians were embroiled in racial conflict.Her arrival in British Guiana also coincided with the struggles of the Trade Unions for workers’ rights. She solidified her position in the struggle when she became a member of the colony’s first ever union, The British Guiana Labour Union (BGLU) where she struggled alongside Trade Union icon, Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow in the fight for workers’ rights.Janet’s life delivers interesting and almost unbelievable narrative. It is about rebellion,NFL Jerseys China, revolution and political tension, punctuated by crisis, race riot, rigged elections and political paranoia.PPP General Secretary, Donald Ramotar, in paying tribute to Janet on her 81st birth anniversary,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, described her as an exemplary woman who had led Guyana in the struggle for independence, democracy and social progress. Indeed, such glowing tributes would have been proven meritorious when it is noted that since the mid-1940s Janet stood at all the historical junctures and helped to shape the direction of Guyana. Even her critics would admit that Janet’s political resume is extremely outstanding.She was the first Deputy Speaker of the House, the first woman to be elected in the Georgetown City Council, first woman Cabinet Minister under self Government, first Prime Minister and eventually, first woman President of Guyana.Despite such sterling accolades, Janet has sparked more controversy than any other female in public life. On one hand, she enjoyed love and affection while on the other side of the scale, hatred for her personality and her political work has defined her later years in active politics.During Guyana’s struggle for independence, she was the only woman among such notable political figures as Ashton Chase, Ram Karran, Sydney King, now Eusi Kwayana and her husband, who founded the PPP in 1950.Her history of firsts in the political arena started in the sixties when she was elected to the position of General Secretary of the PPP, a position she retained until 1970. Janet entered the house of assembly in 1953 and served as Deputy Speaker of that august body.During the racial strife of the 1960s, when British Guiana was on the verge of attaining independence, the US administration had dubbed her husband a Communist but of greater importance was that Janet was in the forefront of the struggle and was thought to be the influence behind Cheddi’s actions.By dint of this, she can be accredited with the honour of steering Guyana to independence status.During the days of political and ethnic strife, when her husband was agitating for independence for British Guiana and after the suspension of the Constitution in 1953, she, along with her husband and many others, after the suspension of the Constitution, suffered the indignity of imprisonment.Mrs. Japan was also an accomplished journalist and served as Editor of the Mirror newspaper.Contrasting perspectives underline the cruel irony of the Janet Japan story. One side of the divide has characterized her as someone who views cause over race while the racist polarization that has enveloped Guyana has usurped the issue to be one of color over cause.This division has confined her vast achievements to the rubble,Wholesale China Jerseys, especially after the famous ‘throw it over her shoulder’ episode where, after being served court documents ordering a halt to the proceedings that inaugurated her into the presidential seat, she had angrily tossed the order behind her back.Notwithstanding this love/hate relationship with the Guyanese populace, Janet received the nation’s highest award, the Order of Excellence, and was unofficially dubbed, ‘Mother of the Nation.’ She has authored a number of publications, mainly political and children’s books that are sold at bookstores around the country.There are many other facets of her life that that will have to be constricted because of space. However, it is enough to know that Janet had outlived many of her political detractors while endorsing the view that women are quite capable of carrying the political mantle just as effectively and efficiently as their male counterparts. The management and staff of the Kaieteur News newspapers join the rest of the nation in mourning this sad loss. May her soul rest in peace.