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By Attorney Gail S. Seeram, [email protected]In many cases, the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may ask a petitioner to submit a DNA test proving the parental or brother/sister relationship with the beneficiary.  Some people are taken aback by this request since they feel that the birth certificate is sufficient in proving the relationship.The first reason why a DNA test may be requested is because the U.S. Department of State at one time had a fraud warning posted on Guyana birth certificates.  The reason for the fraud warning was because it was believed that people could obtain a fraudulent birth certificate from the black market in Guyana.  Thereby,Wholesale Jerseys From China, if the birth certificate presented displays any characteristics of fraud, then a DNA test will be required between the petitioner and beneficiary.Next,Alex Iwobi Arsenal Jersey UK, a DNA test may be required when a parent is filing for a child and that child was born out-of-wedlock, meaning the parents were not married.  In particular, when a father is filing for a child and the father never married the child’s mother, then a DNA test may be required.In these situations, the U.S. Immigration may request a DNA test to confirm this is the biological father filing the petition and not someone who claims to be the father.  In addition, evidence to prove that the father legitimized the child would also be required to prove the parent-child relationship (such as proof of financial support and proof father held child out to be his).Lastly, a DNA test may be required in sibling relationships where brothers or sisters have only one similar parent (in other words, step-brother/step-sister relationships).  In these cases,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, a DNA test is requested and the percentage of likelihood is examined in order to prove the relationship.What is DNA? DNA is the carrier of the genetic material that determines who you are (genetically).  Your genetic makeup (who you are genetically which controls things like eye color,China NFL Jerseys, hair color, bone structure,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, organ size, etc.) is controlled by the paring of the chromosomes contained from the female’s egg (23 chromosomes from her) and the chromosomes from the male’s sperm (23 from him).  Each of the 46 total chromosomes is made up of long threads of a very specific type of molecule called DNA,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, or deoxyrivonucleic acid. Each molecule of DNA is made up of thousands of genes, which determine your “genetic makeup”.The DNA test is not intrusive,Cheap Jerseys, as the lab simply takes a quick swipe or sample of the saliva in your mouth (there are no needles or blood involved).  There are many labs that work internationally and coordinate DNA testing between petitioners in the U.S. and beneficiaries living abroad.U.S. Immigration accepts DNA testing from labs accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks.  A list of accredited labs can be obtained from the following website: http://www.aabb.org/SA/FACILITIES/Pages/RTestAccrFac.aspx


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– owners upset over Livestock Development’s treatment  Some dog owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the treatment meted out to them by members of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority last week. According to Conrad Gomes, the owner of four pit-bull pups,Cheap Jerseys From China, he almost lost his dogs as they barely escaped being euthanized.He said that on Tuesday a colleague,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Mr. Clive Patterson, transported four pit-bull pups from the Mazaruni district to the Eugene Correia International Airport, Ogle, using an aircraft attached to the Correia Group of Companies.Patterson yesterday said that after arriving at the airport, the customs department informed him that the pups needed to be cleared by a veterinarian. However, he was still allowed to leave with the animals without this ever happening.The pit-bull pups which were detainedDog Owner, Conrad Gomes (Centre) flanked by his colleagues, Clive Patterson (left) and SteveGomes, who is a miner in Mazaruni, said that the dogs were birthed at his camp since he owns a number of adult pit-bull dogs for security purposes. He said that he sent the dogs to Georgetown to give them away to his friends.He said that the pilot who flew the aircraft transporting the dogs called him around 17:00hrs on Tuesday to inform him that he needed to have the dogs returned to customs for the vet, Marlan Prince,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, to examine them.Gomes said that he took back the dogs and was informed that they would be quarantined at the GLDA’s office at the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute, Mon Repos,Sale NFL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara.The owner said that he was confused by the ordeal. He said that he was advised to visit the Sparendaam Police Station to query the matter. However,NFL Jerseys Supply, even while there he could not be given an answer since the situation seemed to be strange to the officers present.According to Gomes, he was informed by the vet that if the pups are being moved from one region to another, they need to be documented.Kaieteur News contacted the vet yesterday for a comment but the man chose not to speak on the issue, saying that it would be best that a comment is had through his superiors.Based on documentation provided by the owner of the dogs, the four pups were held at the entity’s quarantine station from November 22 to November 24, because the authorities were doubtful as to whether the animals were bred in Guyana and since there were no documents to prove their origin. Until the origin could have been proven, the dogs were kept at the facility for two days.Gomes said that he was asked to bring the mother of the pups to the GLDA to prove that they were born in Guyana. He said that he was given an ultimatum to bring the mother by 13:00hrs on Thursday or the pups would have been put down.A friend of the owner, Steve, in an effort to stall the killing of the pups, went to the GLDA office at Mon Repos with a lawyer,China Jerseys, while simultaneously, the handler Mr. Patterson was attempting to get the mother out of Mazaruni to reunite with the pups.He said that after being reunited, the pups immediately began suckling, which apparently was enough proof to have the dogs released.The three dog lovers said that they were completely upset by the attitude meted out to them by the GLDA officials and their haste to have the dogs killed. Steve said that the camp is not located near a border area, so it is unlikely that the dogs could have been imported.According to documentation,Alexander Mogilny Jersey, the reasons for the dogs being detained were given as arriving at the airport without documentation, the questionable health status of the animals and as a mitigating measure against the spread of disease.Gomes was made to pay $40,000 to the GLDA for the four days the dogs were in quarantine. He said that it is the first time that he has ever found himself in this situation and it is not the first occasion he has transported dogs from his camp to Georgetown.


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A food vendor operating at the corner of Hadfield and Cross Streets was yesterday brought before Magistrate Priya Sewnarine Beharry to answer charges of drug possession.Opaul Walter,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, a 42-year-old of 63 Cross Street,Discount NFL Jerseys, Werk en Rust,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, was accused of having in her possession three grams of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.It was alleged that on September 17,Cheap China Jerseys, last,NFL Jerseys China Online, police ranks acting on information,China NFL Jerseys, went to the said location to observe Walter whom they claim was acting suspiciously.The prosecutor told the court that when Walter saw the ranks she began to run and while on the move discarded a black parcel.The officers subsequently caught the defendant and opened the discarded parcel in her presence to reveal the contents.The prosecutor asked that Walter be remanded and a court date be set for trial.The defendant’s attorney asked the court that the woman be granted reasonable bail since she had no previous offences.The court refused the lawyer’s bail application and remanded the woman.


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…as Budget makes provision for research, transfer of technologyBy Gary EleazarFor decades, Guyana has been plagued by the problem of discarded rubber tyres blocking drains or just plain destroying the ambience of the country,NFL Jerseys Clearance, but the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) will, this year,Cheap Jerseys China, seek to change that.In the 2009 budget,NFL Jerseys China, some $35M has been allocated for the continuation of research into the use of fire clay aggregates,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, but the bulk of that money will be expended in a new project,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, namely the recycling of used rubber tyres to produce road surface aggregates.According to Deputy Director of IAST Colin Croal, the project is a new concept and the money will be used for the research into how to achieve the goal in the most feasible way, and then have this technology transferred to either the private sector or Government for use in future.“We will be researching to see if it can be done.”Guyana has long been considered by some for garbage from Europe and Japan in the form of used tyres,Wholesale Jerseys, which don’t last too long,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and they end up clogging drainage canals and becoming breeding grounds for various vermin.IAST is an industrial research organisation which has as its mandate the development and/or adaptation of appropriate technology for the utilisation of Guyana’s natural resources, so that these resources can be gainfully developed and exploited for the benefit of the people of Guyana.The Institute was formed in 1977, and one of its most recent projects was an experimental demonstration of road repair using kilned clays which are suitable to replace expensive quarried materials.Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, at the launch, had stated that with the success of this project, roads could be made more affordable for farm-to-market access.The IAST was challenged by President Bharrat Jagdeo to investigate the improvements that could be made to the current process of road construction, which would provide an inexpensive long-term solution for farm-to-market access roads, and simultaneously provide a means for rural employment.


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Dem boys surprised that is only now,NFL Jerseys From China, after 20 years, that dem Transparency people realise that Guyana is the most corrupt country in this part of the world. Dey use words like chronic and crisis,NFL Jerseys From China, but dem boys know long that Guyana gone past dem stage.Guyana is one big outhouse. No matter wha yuh do,China NBA Jerseys, and how much yuh do, all yuh got to do is just sit back,Jerseys NFL China, relax and be private.Yes, private. Dat is de magic word that dem guvament people like fuh use when fire deh pun dem wire.De Chat-3 threaten people and talk a set ah lawlessness about a young female reporter. When he get skin up to the public, he seh was a private conversation. He boss man seh is a private matter. De police and all treating it private.And is not only de Chat-3. When Devil Face fly out to Miami he use a fancy private jet,NFL Jerseys Supply, and when people ask wha wrang wid he mek he use taxpayers’ money, de guvament seh he medical issue was too private fuh anybody know about it. Dem boys had to dig deep fuh find de sturdy plug wha dem hospital people force in.Nothing in dis country does ever be above board. Shaatie and de Fat Crook always telling de Guyanese people about private arrangements, public-private partnership,Cheap China Jerseys, private sector investments and private investors. Is only time before de people start tellin’ dem fuh put all dey fancy talk in dey private parts.As fuh de money jet man wha like fly Donald de Duck,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he runnins’ suh private dat even de airport people didn’t even know about wha he does do. He private jet got to go to a private part of Timehri and park in a private hangar. Not even a private hire car can pick he up.He suh private that he forget that he had he big money stash in he jet. Is dem US sniffer dog had fuh find all and remind he. Donald couldn’t even remember that he travel wid de man plane. Dat is private.A big lady tell dem boys dat integrity is  when a person is de same in public as they be in private. Well dis country deh in big trouble.Talk half and see if we gun ever get any integrity commission.